Sooo tired!

May 20, 2007 at 3:38 pm (Uncategorized)

Hum…felt like today is a very long day. I went to bed around 2:00 am last night. Coz we had to do our podcast home work that given by Abe (also thanks to Pey who always suppored him to give us more work!!!). But, since we had a really good team, it finally done! This time, we decided to talk about somethin’ fun, so, we settled on “Things you wanna know about men and women”….we found a great background music on Zhi’s laptop, an it turned out great. Our mates likes it, so….we’re sooo glad!





After the workshop we had half-year YLDA meeting. Its a great example to make our member knows well about YLDA. After the meeting, we went to a restaurant that seels Penang’s hawker food….it was so good….You’ve got to try the “Ais Kachang” of Penang, it just soooooo…nice! During dinner we had wonderful chats, Indonesian, German, Philipino and Malaysian, all sits together just joking, giggling and teasin’. It was one of those times that you wish it will never end…..(yeah, I know it sounds “deep”, but thats true!)




Ta Da !!!! The food suddenly dissapear….MAGIC!!! 



Ohh…poor Abe, he’s so sad that all the food just gone…



Dont ask me why Pey looks so proud of his chicken and wanna show it to everybody! 


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Shoppin’ for life

May 20, 2007 at 2:13 am (Organisation, Somethin' new, Travel)

Well….Yesterday were quiet interesting. We went to Gerakan Party’s headquarter and we had a workshop about broadcasting over there, it was interesting n’ useful. Our group suppose to interview one of our source person from MCMC. But it didn’t turn out as we expected, so we have to come up with other option. So we made our own interview. Yup, its about a shopping madness, a campaign called “Shopping for life”. It was so much fun when we made it, we kept laughing and giggling. Thanks to Zhi Yi, our work finally done wonderfully.



                         Zhi Yi…without him, our group will be lost!!! *hugs for Zhi!*




                        Gerakan’s headquarter…Thanks for a wonderful hospitality!



After hard work, it was a realief that we finally went out. Went to the harbour, ride the jetty, and saw Penang from the sea. It all ended with yummy dinner! Life is GREAT! (even without shopping…..*trust me*)


Me, Pey and Kitty just enjoyin’ the view


Asam Ikan…hum…yummy! yummy! yummy!



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Lets bloggin’

May 18, 2007 at 8:08 am (Organisation, Somethin' new, Travel)

The first time I REALLY have to make a blog (can’t complaint… *desperate voice*). Here, in Penang, Malaysia. It was so much fun. Keep tryin’ on theme, colors..aaahh… so much to choose from!





Penang Banner      snipshot_e410tolpufrh.jpg      snipshot_e4kjunm9ntg.jpg

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